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We are a Group that develops innovative technologies with passion and imagination to make people’s lives and companies’ work simpler, more sustainable, and safer.

Market pioneers for over 45 years, we are today among the main operators in Europe of satellite telematics solutions, Insurtech, Fleet, GreenTech, IoT, and Big Data for the intelligent management and protection of people, vehicles, and goods.

 We operate in over 60 countries with a “glocal” approach, through 4 business units (SBUs) strongly oriented towards the future, technological innovation, sustainability, and sustained mobility.

As regards the methods adopted by the Group for the processing of personal data, the Company has the security measures that configure the level of protection required. 

About the risks envisaged by the legislation on the protection of personal data, to the application of the Regulation ( EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) and in compliance with the lSO / lEC 27001 standard which defines the requirements for an ISMS (Information Security Management System).

SBU Insurtech

The Insurtech Strategic Business Unit is a reliable and innovative partner for insurance companies, fintech companies (i.e. financial or leasing companies interested in combining their financial and insurance products with systems and technologies, able to offer value-added services to the customers), and insurance brokers with technological and analytical solutions and services, useful for implementing new insurance models and offering their customers value-added assistance, protection and safety services on the move, at home and in everyday life.

Onboard vehicles, Viasat satellite, IoT, and data-driven infotelematic solutions allow you to improve risk assessment, optimize the management of insurance and claims procedures, improve the accuracy of accident notification and customer relations.


Viasat Group offers insurance companies services and technological solutions that are included in an electronic policy to receive, against a significant discount on the insurance premium, a set of information on the insured party.

Those data are useful for:

Reconstructing the dynamics of any accidents, to prevent and combat insurance fraud (telematic appraisal)

Trace the position of the vehicle to facilitate its finding, in the event of theft, through the Viasat H24 Operations Center

Profile the behavior of the end customer to configure customized policies based on the number of kilometers traveled (PAYD – Pay as you drive policies) or driving style, rewarding those who are more virtuous at the wheel (PHYD – Pay how you drive policies)

Provide partner companies with data and process information that can be used to improve operational processes


The result is a concrete improvement in the quality of services, a clear optimization of costs, and an evolved diversification of the offer for insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, and end customers who can thus count on greater assistance, protection, and safety at the driving and, in particular for insurance companies, on customized policies based on the kilometers traveled, the driving style and the assessment of the actual risk.


The Group’s services, as part of the Insurtech SBU, are mainly provided through the Owned Operations Centers and those in outsourcing, in possession of the prefectural license for the exercise of the activity under Articles 134 T.U.L.P.S. and 256 bis of the Implementing Regulation to the T.U.L.P.S., as regards the recovery of the stolen vehicle or the intervention of the FF.OO.

SBU Fleet & Waste

The Fleet Strategic Business Unit offers a wide range of technological solutions, applications, data-driven services, and satellite telematic info, specifically designed for companies that manage fleets in the sectors of freight transport and logistics, construction, assistance, and maintenance, as well as for public administrations, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

In particular, customers (fleet managers) purchase subscriptions from the Viasat Group for the provision of services aimed at the management, safety, and protection of vehicles, goods, and drivers, to optimize the operational and administrative processes of their fleets. In this way, companies can plan, organize and coordinate the vehicles of their fleet to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with government regulations.


An integrated and highly customized offer of latest-generation technological services to manage vehicles and resources simply and intelligently, constantly monitor your fleet, improve efficiency and levels of service and safety, significantly reducing the operating costs of your business.

Localization and map display of their vehicles

Tracking of goods, trailers, and containers

Protection and safety of drivers, vehicles, goods, and company equipment on construction sites

Management of the data download of the digital tachograph and driving and rest hours in compliance with current regulations

Work Force Management

Cold Chain

Consultancy services for the recovery of excise duties.

Waste Management

The Group’s technology and focus on sustainability have also made it possible to create the first platform conceived for public and private entities, environmental operators, and production companies, which intend to manage in a simple, timely, and innovative way. , all the activities in the world of urban sanitation services and industrial waste.

Operational management of environmental services and processes

The punctual measurement of the quantity of waste delivered by users

Punctual pricing method PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw)

Digital storage of data

Applications on the Smart City model to create with citizens a direct and trusting relationship

SBU Smart Connect

The Smart Connect Strategic Business Unit offers a range of technological solutions and applications, dedicated to people on the move, which exploit connectivity and Big Data to help citizens, companies and public administrations remotely manage everyday life and the transport of people, while improving safety, security and operational efficiency.

The Smart Connect SBU addresses its commercial proposal to end consumers, the retail channel, car, motorcycle, and bicycle dealers, car rental companies, Financial leasing companies, PA & Telco.

A unique and future-oriented experience of mobility has made Viasat the ideal partner also for those municipalities that want to implement innovative Smart City systems, through urban mobility services, street monitoring, smart parking, air quality detection, and many other flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of any type of public administration.


Smart Connect offers a set of highly technological solutions for assistance, protection, and safety of people and vehicle diagnostics:

Real-time localization and rescue systems

Applications to stop the engine from starting, activate the horn and monitor the speed of the vehicle directly from your smartphone

Cloud-based portals for dealers and leasing companies for monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote support of the driver.


The Group offers, in the reference geographic markets, solutions and services for security, assistance, diagnostics, and, more generally, the remote management of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and bicycles) for individuals and companies (dealers, car rental, leasing), real estate (houses, industrial buildings, infrastructures), assets (personal or business), people on the move (wearable, workforce management), municipalities (local public transport, road safety, parking).

Services for Smart Cities

Connectivity makes new operational processes possible, developing Big Data models that integrate diversified levels of data, always aggregated and anonymized, to be transformed, thanks to the Group’s applications, into information and, therefore, into business opportunities; certainly, important factors for the concrete development of Smart Cities, in which connected mobility will become increasingly shared, integrated, economic and sustainable.

SBU IoT Solutions

The Strategic Business Unit IoT Solutions designs develop and produce innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that focus on the dissemination of intelligent sensors, connectivity, and the exchange of data and information to collect and manage data, process them, and build service enablers to be offered to Group SBUs and the market.

The focus on Research & Development, supported with an investment of over 3 million euros a year, allows the Group to create new hardware, firmware and software, latest generation mobile applications, high-end and consumer electronics, infotelematic devices of satellite localization, intelligent sensors, and increasingly advanced service and analytics platforms.


The ability to collect and process large amounts of data allows IoT Solutions to have statistical information of great value, carefully managed, according to the highest levels of privacy, security, and protection.

Satellite Location

The analysis of the various needs of the sector operators (Telematics Service Provider), the definition of the system, the prototyping of the devices, their industrialization, qualification, certification, production, and distribution are carried out.


Telematics service providers (TSP)

Real-time info-traffic and other information for traffic

EMS (Electronic Manufacturing System) producers

Automotive supply chain

The Waste Management Industry

Public Administrations

Defense Industry

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