Creativity, Passion, Talent, and Experience

The Viasat Group, recognizing Human Capital as a fundamental and indispensable factor for company development, considers it important to establish and maintain relationships based on mutual trust with employees and collaborators.

Group employees have a particular attachment to their company and their colleagues, as evidenced by the low level of turnover.

A fundamental element in the Group’s international growth strategy is the enhancement of human capital. Thanks to human resource management policies aimed at retaining and motivating its employees, Viasat has improved its position in the labor market by becoming more competitive and able to attract young talent.

3 good reasons to work with us

Technological innovation and attention towards the market require ideas, skills, and passion. These are the characteristics we seek in people.

Viasat Group is committed to ensuring correct and complete information about its performances and the highest degree of transparency for all potential stakeholders, promoting a regular and constant dialogue with society.

4 reasons to join the Viasat Group


To help out with the development of new ideas, new products, new markets, and new customers


To take part in a rapid professional and technological growth


To collaborate with a positive spirit, spreading and transferring knowledge to your colleagues


To operate with honesty, fairness, and professional ethics

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Our Recruiting Process




Our recruiting process in 5 steps.


Job analysis & job description: Analysis of the role and concept of the announcement

The first fundamental step for the success of our recruiting process is the initial one, that is the exact definition of vacancy!

A perfect identikit of the ideal profile that arises from a comparison with the future managers of the resource who aims to collect all the information necessary for the role to be filled.

The next step to drafting the job description is the creation of the announcement which will then be published on the dedicated channels of our Company. Our goal is to attract the curiosity of all those interested in facing new challenges in a dynamic, innovative, and highly technological environment.


Screening first of all

We begin the actual recruiting phase: that of screening the CVs received.

We carefully examine the CV of each candidate to identify the people most in line with the required requirements. We need to dedicate the necessary time to each curriculum received, because, in this way, we recognize the commitment and willingness to want to be part of our Group.

We identify the curricula closest to the requirements, define the shortlist and prepare for the next step.



The first contact with the candidates and the interview

The first contact is a fundamental step to start a good relationship with each candidate * on the right foot because among them there could be the new person who will be part of our Team!

We contact the selected profiles to arrange an appointment for the interview. The historical period we are experiencing has allowed us to experiment with new ways of meeting people, organizing both video interviews and face-to-face interviews.

If the application is for a position of a technical nature, we submit specific tests that aim to measure the knowledge and skills of the resources on the issues related to the activities and responsibilities they will have to cover in the company.

During the interview, we also describe our Group at 360°, its history, its values ​​, and its main businesses to each candidate. We carefully study professional skills, soft skills, motivation for change, and transversal skills to have a complete picture of the people we meet.


Evaluation and Work Proposal

The last step of the recruiting process is represented by the evaluation of the people who, in the course of the various interviews addressed, are found to be in line with what we are looking for.

We organize a briefing with the Managers and we compare ourselves, concerning the paths of the people met, to identify the one most in line with our requests. We prepare an economic proposal that we present to the person, providing all the useful information for the final decision and we await a reply.

In case of positive feedback, we support the resource in the final process and define together what will be the first day in Viasat!


Get on board! Entering the company

From the first day of work, the new resource is followed by the HR Department to start his experience in Viasat in the best possible way. We provide all company documentation, work tools, as well as answer any question or curiosity.

Our task is to create a serene, positive, and motivating working environment, where people can fulfill themselves professionally and with satisfaction to feel, in a short time, an integral part of our team!




Developing Talents

We participate in school events at technical institutes and universities, to attract the best talents and engage them in a process of professional development together with our team.

We aim at continuously training young talents, whose developing know-how is fundamental for their professional careers. Strategically, they represent the company’s future and the continuity when it comes to the transmission of skills.

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