May 16

Targa Telematics Spa – a tech company specialising in the development of IoT solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility – has announced the closing of the acquisition of 100% share capital of Viasat Group Spa. This acquisition marks the creation of one of the main global players in the field of IoT and the development of solutions and digital services for connected mobility.

Feb 27

Thanks to the acquisition of Viasat Group, Targa Telematics – an Italian company already operating abroad with offices in the UK, Spain, France, and Portugal – will further strengthen its leadership in the Italian market, accelerating its expansion in Europe as well. It will be able to bring, from the start, a wide range of innovative technologies for global projects to the market


Sept 16
Viasat partner of the Move In Project of the Piedmont Region.

Viasat is officially accredited as a technology partner of the Piedmont Region's MOVE-IN. The project, which consists of an innovative package of interventions to reduce emissions. As in the case of Lombardy, another Region that has long adopted the system and where Viasat is similarly accredited, MOVE-IN in Piedmont aims to preserve the environment while rewarding the most aware and respectful citizens.

Sept 6
Eagle Eye trial kicks off in Milan. ATM chooses Viasat to improve safety on the roads

Since the end of August, in fact, Milan's Local Police began using the Eagle Eye tool, a technological device that, connected to the database of the civil DMV, allows them to know in real-time whether a vehicle is in compliance. The technological partner of the initiative, through ATM Milano, is Viasat, a leading company in the field of satellite technology and already the supplier of Street Control, a consolidated control tool in use by the Italian Police Force, in many municipalities.

Stop bike theft: VIASAT and PATROLLINE are working on it.

Viasat, Italian excellence in telematic satellite solutions focused on security, and Patrolline, a leading manufacturer and distributor of anti-theft systems in the automotive field, announce a partnership aimed at expanding Protection and Security Services dedicated to cyclists. Sales of bicycles, especially electric bicycles, have surged tremendously in the past year. Unfortunately, thefts have also followed the same trend. So how to defend yourself? The ideal solution to protect your bike at absolutely no extra cost is satellite technology with an anti-theft function.


Apr 26
VIASAT: new headquarters for its 20 years in the Group

It was 2002 when Viasat, born in 1987 from a genius idea of Telespazio (formerly Finmeccanica, now Leonardo) and which became a joint venture between the country's two largest industrial groups-Telecom Group's Seat and Fiat Group's Magneti Marelli-was acquired by Exefin, a company founded by Chairman Domenico Petrone. From that union came the Group we know today, present with its own technological and commercial structures in 10 countries and, through its Partners, in more than 60 nations.


Oct 06
VEM SOLUTIONS: concluded the merger by incorporation of Cogema

 The Viasat Group company aims to become an international hub in engineering and electronics manufacturing with governance and strong Italian roots. The completed merger extends the Group's expertise and industrial capabilities, which can now boast not only the production plants in Italy, but also those in Bulgaria and China.  

Jul 20

Viasat Group S.p.A. and Axodel, the commercial subsidiary of the French group Kuantic, announce an international partnership agreement that will extend both organizations range of products and services, expanding their offering in the crash/theft and Car Sharing / Fleet sectors. The collaboration agreement between the two companies maximizes the offer on the market, with the aim of giving added value to a large number of companies in Europe: a synergy possible, thanks to the offerings of the two groups complimenting each other.  

Jul 03
VIASAT technological partner of ALPHABET ITALIA FLEET MANAGEMENT for car rental services

Viasat Alphabet Italia Fleet Management, the BMW Group’s mobility services provider, have signed a partnership agreement to offer a fleet management solution with a particular focus on the control of the activities, service status, maintenance and assistance of each vehicle.    

Feb 11

Agreement renewed between AREU (Agenzia Regionale Emergenza Urgenza) and TSP Association. The private eCall goes beyond the experimental phase and extends throughout Italy. IoT and GPS to guarantee timely medical assistance to drivers involved in road accidents.


Dec 30
Merger by incorporation into Viasat Servicios Telemáticos S.L. of MobileFleet Spain

At the end of 2019, MobileFleet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Viasat Group, was merged by incorporation into Viasat Servicios Telemáticos S.L. which took over the commercial brand Viasat Telematics, with the Chile branch now operating under the commercial brand of Viasat Telematics.

Dec 27
Merger by incorporation into Viasat S.p.A. of the Helian company.

This is an operation that has the aim of expanding the Viasat offer with innovative and vertical solutions, in Italy and abroad, within the Smart Cities and Public Administration market.  

Dec 20
Anthea and Datamove flow into the Viasat BU Fleet & Waste Management

The Viasat Group continues its growth process, Anthea and Datamove join the BU Viasat Fleet and Waste Management, focusing on GreenTech strategy.

Dec 11

150,000 trees will be planted by Viasat Group in Madagascar over the next three years (2020-2022), donating. An initiative that is part of the Group's overall sustainability project, extensively illustrated in our annual Social Report.  

May 20

Viasat Group S.p.A.,  has acquired through its subsidiary VEM Solutions S.p.A. 15% of the share capital of Cogema S.r.l., an electronics manufacturing company based in Merone (Co). All-Italian Expertise and Capability to guarantee competitiveness and expansion in the global market of electronics production. An advanced electronic manufacturing hub that maintains governance and strong roots in our country.

Dec 6
Greenext Technologies S.p.A. is founded.

Greenext Technologies S.p.A. is the newco created by the Viasat Group, which inherited its great technological and operational know-how with the aim of establishing a technological hub focused on the world of waste management in Italy.

Nov 9
The new BLUTRACK 7.0 from VIASAT

The new Viasat offer is the innovative BluTrack 7.0 with double function. Before the theft, it automatically notifies the location of the asset twice a day, and after the theft it activates tracking and actions to facilitate its recovery.

Sep 16

Viasat is the technological partner of MOVE-IN Project ( MOnitoring of polluting vehicles) of Piedmont Region, which consists in an innovative package of measures to reduce emissions. As in Lombardy, another Region that adopted the system some time ago and where Viasat is also credited, in Piedmont MOVE-IN aims to preserve the environment while rewarding the most aware and respectful citizens.

Sep 6
ATM MILAN chooses VIASAT to improve road safety

At the end of August, the Milan Local Police started to use the Eagle Eye tool, a technological device which, when connected to the database of the Italian Motor Vehicle Authority, allows the police to know in real time if a vehicle is in order. Viasat is the technological partner of the project, through ATM Milano.

Apr 27
PROGRAM chooses VIASAT and its BUDDY anti-abandonment device: safety for adults and children alike

Program Autonoleggio and Viasat S.p.A. strengthened the relationship of mutual collaboration and trust established for many years, starting a new important partnership in the safety area. The aim is to promote the Buddy by Viasat device to prevent children from being left in the car.

Apr 21
VIASAT telematics’ vehicle data are offered as a Data Product in the Mobito Data Marketplace

The two companies are collaborating to increase the accessibility and ease of use of anonymized driving behaviour and road conditions data. This marks an innovation in the space where data discovery and data collaborations have been particularly strenuous and time-consuming.  

Mar 18

Viasat, Italian excellence in telematic satellite solutions dedicated to security, and Patrolline, a leading company in the production and distribution of anti-theft systems in the automotive field, announce a partnership aimed at expanding protection and security services dedicated to cyclists.

Mar 01
VIASAT and TUTELA+ work together to provide Protection and Legal Protection Services in the event of road accidents

Tutela+, a leading group in damage management and compensation, legal consultancy and emergency response services, and Viasat announce a partnership aimed at developing a project to expand protection and legal aid services for companies and individuals in the event of road accidents thanks to the Sicuri & Protetti solution.

Feb 17
VIASAT and ZURICH ITALIA together for safer driving

The partnership between Viasat and Zurich Italia, which has been protecting and safeguarding Italian drivers for over 100 years, has been launched. Thanks to the agreement, exclusive benefits and reduced prices for Viasat customers (of Sicuri&Protetti solutions) who sign for the Zurigò policy: Zurich's multi-vehicle solution.



Sep 27
Viasat Group acquires the spanish Grupo Detector

The European telematics services Company Viasat Group announces today the acquisition of 100% of the Spanish company Grupo Detector, the largest Spanish player in the sector, strengthening its presence in a geographic market which is already guarding through the subsidiary MobileFleet.

Sep 27
Viasat Group acquires 60% of the Portuguese Trackit Consulting

The European Telematics Company Viasat Group announced today the acquisition of 60% of the Portuguese TRACKiT Consulting, specialized in technological fields where the Group is present, thereby strengthening its presence in the geographical market before guarded by a technical and commercial green field.

May 08
Viasat Group acquires il 51% the Italian company Anthea

Viasat group acquires 51% of the Italian company Anthea and consolidates its position in the Waste Management sector. The acquisition of 51% of Anthea, a company based in Aprilia, in the province of Latina, which specializes in providing solutions for the integrated management of environmental services, completes the coverage of the entire supply chain of services designed specifically for this sector.

Apr 10
Vem Solutions acquires 70% of the shares of Helian

Vem Solutions acquires 70% of the shares of Helian, a company based in Abruzzo, Italy. Helian specializes in hardware and software solutions for road safety and traffic; it has created Street Control and other solutions dedicated to territorial and environmental monitoring through Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jan 31
Viasat Group acquires the French company Locster

Viasat Group announced today the acquisition of 51% of the French company Locster, a Telematics Service Provider specialized in software solutions for the fleet management market, serving 4000 customers and 25,000 connected vehicles which, in terms of technological and commercial assets, become part of the Group's already considerable customer base.



Dec 21
The new Vem Solutions is born

The merger of the companies Elem and Vem Solutions, both fully controlled by the holding Viasat Group, aims to create a new global player - Vem Solutions S.p.A. - which will compete in the markets of the future, thanks to its innovative development capabilities, operational flexibility and technological synergies, which will further enhance and develop the Group's typical businesses and the new opportunities brought by the IoT, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Jun 13
Viasat Group acquires stakes in Sherlock

Viasat Group acquires 24% of the shares of Sherlock S.r.l. (a Turin-based startup offering a complete and innovative anti-theft solution, based on the real time localization of bicycles) with the aim of complleting its offer of securization-related products for the B2C market.

May 24
Viasat Group acquires EuroGps which becomes Viasat Technology

Viasat Group acquires the company EuroGPS, market leader in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia with regard to the commercialization of electronic systems, software platforms, services and BigData which are similar to Viasat Group’s own solutions. Upon joining the Group, EuroGPS’s name becomes Viasat Technology.

Apr 18
Won the CFO Award

Massimo Getto, Vice President & CFO of Viasat Group, won the CFo Award 2017 (in named of Romano Guelmani). As Massimo Getto said:’transparency and completeness of financial communication without sacrificing its timeliness, our Annual Report was published in April, we implemented in a short time an international cash pooling system, able to connect all the new Group companies with great economic benefits and the speed of financial support for growth, overcoming really significant cultural, legislative and technical obstacles.’

Feb 22
Viasat Group acquires Teamind Solution

Viasat Group announces the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Teamind Solution, the aim of which is to strengthen the market offer of innovative applications and integrated satellite telematics services, capable of simplifying and optimizing the activities of road transport and logistics companies.

Jan 27
Viasat Servicios Telemáticos

The year begins with the strengthening of Viasat Servicios Telemáticos (Spanish subsidiary of the Viasat Group) in Spain. The company achieves a stronger positioning on the Spanish territory and launches a project to gain a direct presence in Latin America by acquiring a majority stake in MobileFleet.


Nov 30
Viasat Group joins ETSI

From now, VIASAT Group is officially a member of ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute), the most important European standardization unit for all aspects related to communications, which today unites 857 among the main world companies in the telecommunications sector. A concrete step towards the realization of that global vision which cannot be separated from the adoption of European standards and which, as a Group, is intended to be achieved.

Sep 08
Viasat Group acquires the Belgian Emixis

Viasat Group announces the acquisition of the majority of the Belgian company Emixis.

Apr 29
Viasat Group acquires Datamove s.r.l.

Viasat Group announces theconclusion of  transaction that led to the acquisition of Datamove Srl, an Italian company owner of SIUNET brand.  

Apr 27
Viasat Group acquires the Polish company CMA Monitoring

Viasat Group acquires 100% of the Polish corporation CMA Monitoring. The Polish market boasts one of the strongest business growth trends in Europe, where satellite telematics will play a leading role in the future, thanks to the strategic geographical position of Poland, which is located at the center of European trade routes.

Jan 27
Viasat Group is among the companies awarded at the Uk-Italy Business Awards

Viasat Group is among the companies awarded at the Uk-Italy Business Awards. In fact, the Group is one of the five companies in the ELITE programme - organised by Borsa Italiana - which have distinguished themselves for their international ambition.


Nov 03
Viasat joins Elite

The presentation ceremony was held on November 3, 2015, at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, in order to illustrate the Group's international development plans.   

Jun 30
Viasat acquires Cefin Systems in Romania, which then becomes Viasat Systems

The first half of 2015 saw Viasat's internationalization project develop even further with the acquisition of 55% of Cefin Systems, also known on the market as CS Fleet. The company became part of the Group in June, under the name Viasat Systems. It is one of the leading providers of telematics solutions for the fleet market in Romania. The acquisition is the crowning of a 10-year collaboration with Viasat Group, and it lays the foundations for an ambitious development plan of insurance and security services based on telematics technologies throughout South-Eastern Europe.


Jun 24
Viasat Group acquires 70% of Enigma Vehicle Systems Ltd

The acquisition of Enigma Vehicle Systems Ltd (a British company focused on the fleet management services segment of the telematics industry) allows the Group to further develop its international know-how and capabilities, with a direct presence in what are generally considered to be the three European countries of greatest interest for the diffusion of satellite technologies (Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain), as well as an indirect presence in over 20 developing countries, through distribution relationships with local operators.   


Oct 09
Deloitte and Viasat: a cooperation agreement in Spain

The Group's leadership in Italy in strategic business sectors is strengthened, laying the foundations for further development at an international level. A collaboration agreement is signed with Deloitte Advisory S.L., a Spanish consultancy and professional services company, for the development and distribution of insurance telematics solutions for the Spanish market.

Jan 01
Viasat Telematics Ltd is established in Great Britain.


Dec 11
Viasat Servicios Telemáticos is established in Spain

After consolidating its leadership in Italy, the group that invented satellite technologies establishes Viasat Servicios Telemàticos in Spain, as a Joint Venture with Zenithal, a company specialized in business to business solutions.

Mar 01
TSP Association is established

In relation to the legislative developments underway in Italy with regard to the regulation of the use of "black boxes" in the insurance sector, the Group is involved in an institutional role as an expert in the sector; it becomes the promoter and founder of TSP Association, the trade association that brings together the Telematics Service Providers of the country. Among other things, it sets the following objectives: to encourage research and study activities, also in collaboration with other bodies or associations; to enhance telematics and technological innovation as essential factors for the quality of life of motorists, transport economy and services.


Jan 01
Domenico Petrone is awarded the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" award.

The group participates in important institutional projects with regard to research and development, production, logistics and services. The new BluBlox® Innovation product and service technology platform is presented. The President Domenico Petrone, on 23 January 2012, is awarded the prize promoted by Ernst&Young "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" for the Technology&Innovation category, "for successfully demonstrating, through important results achieved in 37 years of activity, that with commitment, positive approach, determination and the guidance values, building a better and more successful future is possible".



Jan 01
The Group strengthens its international presence

The Group strengthens its international presence through agreements with the most important European Road Assistance Associations and Networks, as well as with new Industrial Partners. Despite the persistent recession at a worldwide level, the group manages to increase its revenues and related margins considerably.


Apr 14
Oscar di Bilancio Award

Viasat Group won the Oscar di Bilancio award for small and medium-sized enterprises, organized and promoted by FERPI - Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana, under the high patronage of the president of the Italian Republic. The award is given to those companies that have been able to turn their financial statements into dynamic tools to face the challenges of the economy, demonstrating that transparency, willingness to communicate and clarity of mission are all essential conditions.

Jan 01
Acquisition of a stake in PointerTelelocationLtd

Under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, the Group is awarded the “Oscar di Bilancio”. The acquisition of a stake in PointerTelelocationLtd. begins, with the aim of strengthening the Group’s leadership in the sector and creating the conditions for further developments worldwide.


Jan 01
Vem Solutions S.p.A is established

To rationalize the Group's structure, strengthen its technological synergies and valorize its excellences, a reorganisation of project areas is started. (2008) Vem Solutions S.p.A., a design, research, development and innovation company is established.


Jan 01
Redco Infomobility is acquired

The name of the parent company changes to Viasat Group S.p.A. (2007). The Group acquires Redco Infomobility, expert designer and provider of on-board Terminals and MultiService Telematics Platforms, as well as Fleet Management, Logistics and Security MultiDevices.



Jan 01
The birth of a Group

In order to strengthen its leadership, the Group gains control of its main Italian competitor, Movitrack S.p.A. Together, they launch new initiatives in the B2B and B2A sectors, focusing on security and insurance services, as well as the first localization, Assistance and Rescue projects at a European level. The name of the parent company changes to Viasat Group S.p.A.

Jan 01
The group acquires Movitrack S.p.A.

In 2004, in order to strengthen its leadership, the Group gains control of its main Italian competitor, Movitrack S.p.A. Together, they launch new initiatives in the B2B and B2A sectors, focusing on security and insurance services, as well as the first locationing, Assistance and Rescue projects at a European level.


Jan 01
Acquistion of Viasat S.p.A

In 2002 the Group acquires Viasat S.p.A., a leading Italian company in Satellite Protection and Locationing Services for cars and travelers. In just a few months, thanks to an intensive restructuring activity, the company's income statement was turned from a substantial loss into an operating profit, creating the conditions for further and future acquisitions.

Jan 01
Exe.Fin. S.p.A. is created

Exe.Fin. S.p.A. is created to optimize the management and coordination of industrial and administrative activities, and as a holding company of strategic shareholdings for core business growth.


Jan 01
A second production facility is inaugurated.

A second plant for the production of automotive electronic modules and systems is acquired and organized.


Jan 01
Elem sets the pace with regard to innovation

The first studies on the integration of microprocessors with GSM and Gps modules date back to the last years of the decade. The first Satellite Security Systems are born. The first studies on the integration of microprocessors with GSM and Gps modules date back to the last years of the decade. The first Satellite Security Systems are born.


Jan 01
ISO 9001 certification

The company is one of the first in Italy to receive the ISO 9001 certification. The first studies on the integration of microprocessors with GSM and Gps modules date back to the last years of the decade. The first Satellite Security Systems are born.


Jan 1
The first production plant in Venaria Reale (Turin) is purchased.

A new 6,000 square meter production facility is acquired and inaugurated in the municipality of Venaria Reale (Turin).


Jan 01
From 1974 to 1980 - Elem s.r.l. is created

From the commitment and vision of Domenico Petrone, the very first electronic laboratory from which Elem S.r.l. was later founded takes shape a garage. Since its inception, Elem stands out and becomes a synonym of quality, flexibility and manufacturing excellence in the electronics sector. It keeps fulfilling the needs of important customers in the Automotive, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Security and Defence sectors.