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The following is a summary of the most recent and representative data that summarizes the company’s activities and results. In-depth information can be found in the latest edition of the Annual Report.


0 M
Revenues in 2021
0 M
Invested each year in development and innovation


Countries where the Group has a direct presence (10) or commercial distribution
employees at Group level (average value in 2021)


Vehicles connected between Insurtech, Fleet, and Smart Connect (31.12.2021)
Owned Operation Centers


0 k
Trees planted in the ViasatWoods in Madagascar before 2022
Municipalities connected by smart transport systems (Smart Cities)

Data updated 31/12/2021

Financial Data

For further information on the financial aspects of the Viasat Group, up-to-date official documents are available.


Transparency in financial communication is considered a fundamental asset for the Viasat Group.

The characteristics of our consolidated financial statements are as follows:



Meaning both technical qualifications and the ability to understand the company and its processes. In particular, it should be noted that while about the first aspect there are considerable peaks of excellence, as regards the second, there are often critical issues, because banking rating systems alone are not always able to perceive the particulars of specific situations.



Execution and response times in the current context have become one of the most important variables in determining the good outcome of a transaction. Over the last years, less performing services in this respect have led the company’s Finance Department to reconsider its relationship with some of its partner banks.


Service Cost

An aspect assessed by measuring the average costs applied by banks to main services (e.g. medium/long-term loan cost, cost of operating activities, remuneration of liquid funds).

Investor Relations


Marco Petrone

CEO ExeFin S.p.A. (majority shareholder of Viasat Group S.p.A.)


Simone Durando

CFO Viasat Group S.p.A.

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