Published on November 20, 2018

A new scenario for connected cars

By Sergio Tusa, President of Telematics Service Providers (TSP) Association

The world of cars is constantly influenced by technological changes and these last few years are radically redefining the assumptions of this field. Such an evolution has been initially connected to passive and active safety. We are now witnessing the contamination of the “mobile” world with the industry of vehicles. On board telematics connection modules have opened the door to the development of services – for people and for the vehicles themselves – of services targeted to the car’s ecosystem. The advent of the connected car is therefore a response to these new needs. I refer to the use of commuting time to carry out other activities within the vehicle, but also to safety needs in situations in which, for example, the risks associated with fatigue and stress could be canceled on long motorway journeys. And then, in possible future scenarios, we can imagine collaborative platforms on which sophisticated data analysis systems will support user profiling procedures. For insurance purposes – as it already happens – but also to control and predict traffic flows on the roads. Up to the predictive guide; in fact, this could be the first real example of a system that helps the mobility of other vehicles from the generation of data from a single car. The future is already under way and it will be very interesting.

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