Published on May 8, 2023

A strong start to 2023 for long-term rentals

In the first quarter of 2023, according to an analysis composed by UNRAE, long-term rental contracts for passenger cars and off-road vehicles recorded strong growth. With a total of 178,391 units, the increase was +31.9 % compared to the same period in 2022. All users of this type of contract grew. The two macro-areas are divided between the 25,497 units of private owners (14.3%) and the 152,894 companies (85.7%).  Specifically: Non-automotive companies (72.7 % of contracts); Short-term rental (NBT) companies, increasing from 4.6 % (2022) to 7.4 % share (2023); Dealers and manufacturers (3.7 %); and Long-term rental companies (2.7%).

Most popular fuels.

Diesel remains the first choice among individuals (36.1 %), long-term rental (41.7 %), dealers and manufacturers (40.7 %), and nonautomotive companies (59.8 %). Gasoline, on the other hand, goes for the most in the short-term rental sector (39.1 p%). Electric hybrids, which grew in all channels, were well received by both dealers and manufacturers (26.7 p%) and non-automotive companies (18.8 %).

Rental means safety

In short, the long wave of growth that had already registered a good +9.5 % at the end of 2022 continues. Confirming how those who previously leaned exclusively toward purchasing have changed their ways. The choice of renting is linked to the advantages that this formula guarantees: a certain monthly expense, no worries about maintenance and bureaucracy, protection against depreciation and a car that is always fresh, but above all, safe.

Through an increasingly huge diffusion of telematics in the sector, in fact, the fleet manager has at his disposal an efficient tool for more prudent management of the car fleet, being able to monitor daily consumption and driving style (and therefore productivity) of the fleet. As well as being indispensable for activating help in case of theft, emergencies, breakdowns, or accidents.

This is well known by Viasat, which is a technology partner of many companies through Viasat Digital Connect, the solution dedicated to the Car Rent sector. Thanks to this web platform, it is possible to monitor the status of the fleet and intervene promptly when anomalies or breakdowns arise, significantly containing extraordinary maintenance costs and also taking advantage of remote diagnostics for predictive maintenance. In addition, the Viasat appS smartphone application provides the vehicle user with data and route analysis, which is also useful for improving driving style.

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