Published on September 22, 2021


It is a time for choices for freight transport companies. It is a crucial moment, in which indecisions could result in being crushed by competitors. Last year, technological and info-telematic penetration rate has been estimated at about 20%; at the end of 2021, 1 vehicle out of 3 will be satellite and telematic-connected. Despite Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down, but not stopped, the renovation process. The use of fleet management systems for automatic and smart handling of all kind of vehicles has now become indispensable not only in terms of safety, but to improve the overall efficiency of transport and logistics processes. However, the focus is no longer on anti-theft systems which protect drivers, vehicles and goods, despite their importance. Monitoring daily activities of fleet vehicles, both in long-range, regional, suburban and urban routes, up to the last mile of distribution has become a topic of interest. Connectivity and digitalization of processes represent milestones in Viasat Group offer and have become crucial factors for innovation and efficiency for logistics and transport. Hi-tech solutions and satellite telematics services for Fleet Management to ensure fleet managers the highest levels of assistance, safety, savings and protection for vehicles, goods and people. This is called TMS – Transport Management Solutions; technological services, based on satellite telematics to meet the needs of large and small fleets. An innovative, intuitive, simple and fast software platform to organize and verify each company’s transport and logistics activities. Obtaining information on driving style, consumption control, tachograph management or load compartment temperature monitoring, up to advanced systems dedicated to waste management has become  essential to optimize activity management in every step of the supply chain.

Gianni Barzaghi
BU Fleet Manager VIASAT

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