Published on February 15, 2017

Aidoo: the intelligent workforce management solution

By Didier Bennert, CEO Emixis

Aworkforce management tool to help plan and manage in a simple and efficient way the “field” activities of your staff (technicians, maintenance specialists, healthcare professionals, etc.) through an app for smartphones and tablets. This is Aidoo: an integrated solution that allows those with a team of any size to better organize its complex operational processes. The Aidoo solution combines a web module, used to assign tasks to your work team, and an Android App to support daily operations. It ensures that the necessary information to manage all the work orders in real time is readily available, thanks to satellite geolocation. It also allows to plan interventions, digitize documents, take photos and collect the customers’ digital signature. It finally brings detailed info on completed missions and a history of the interventions carried out always at a smartphone’s reach. In addition, Aidoo provides a web reporting platform to track and report on the time needed to carry out the activities, staff attendance/absence, consumables used as well as any problems encountered. It is possible to create automatic reports and to integrate the flow of information on your own ERP system. The advantages of this solution are many and they have a direct effect on the company’s profits, improving the profitability and quality of the services offered. This is achieved by increasing the number of daily interventions, reducing the operating inefficiencies that result in time and energy wasted on the road, and finally by allowing you to save significant amounts of money in administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction. At Emixis, we are primarily concerned with developing and providing state-of-the-art solutions for fleet management, but there is more. Most of our clients work in the construction, technical services and logistics sectors.

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