Published on February 1, 2023

Auto insurance, rates to rise 10.6 percent in 2022

It is the Segugio. it Car Insurance Observatory highlights how, after three years of continuous premium decreases, 2022 was marked by a significant turnaround. Although still far from the values of 2018 (454.8 euros), in December last year, the average price for auto liability was 369.7 euros, up 10.6 percent from the previous year, when it stood at 334.3 euros.

The increases have been gradual and continuous throughout the year and are explained by several phenomena impacting the insurance market such as the strong growth in inflation, the increase in traffic, and the update of the Mise tables of the amounts for biological damage compensation for minor injuries.

The increases affected every Italian region, in varying degrees. The largest increases were recorded in Valle d’Aosta (+23.2%), Trentino-Alto Adige (+18.8%), Umbria (+16.1%), Basilicata (+15.7%) and Puglia (+15.3%). Only in five regions was growth less than 10 percent (Molise, Liguria, Marche, Campania, and Emilia-Romagna). Going deeper into the sample, almost all of the provinces recorded increases of more than 5 percent, with the largest increases being in Imperia (+32.5 percent), Benevento (+26.2 percent), Siena (+24.4 percent), Aosta (+23.2 percent) and Mantua (+22.9 percent). Among the most populous provinces are Palermo (+15.2%), Rome (+11.8%), Turin (+10.2%), Milan (+9.5%), and Naples (+7.5%).

There is a way to save money on car insurance. In recent years, the widespread diffusion of insurance telematics in Italy, also and especially under the push of Viasat, has made our country the leader in the Old Continent in terms of the number of Black Boxes that allow, precisely, a discount on the policy of up to 20% of the cost. Today, however, the focus is rapidly changing from the functions of simple monitoring, exclusively for anti-fraud purposes, to those of useful and value-added services, absolutely focused on prevention. To this regard, Sicuri & Protetti by Viasat, an advanced and customizable prevention, protection, and assistance program that uses the most innovative satellite technologies to guarantee safety, security, and mobility services, as well as a lower policy price, has been on the market for a few years

This change in perspective is quite evident: rather than focusing on understanding the reasons and dynamics of a crash, the focus is primarily on using telematics to prevent its event or, at the very least, to reduce its effects.

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