Published on September 24, 2020


Detector is a Spanish company that has become a benchmark in the field of security, thanks to its twenty-years experience. Acquired by the Viasat Group in 2018, it has -since then- started a close collaboration with Mobilefleet, another Spanish company operating in Fleet Management services that is also part of Viasat Group. Thanks to its collaboration with the Department of the Interior, Detector has quickly become one of the major leaders in the location and recovery of stolen vehicles in Spain. Over 100 vehicles are stolen from rightful owners every day; this means that no car or motorcycle is safe unless it is equipped with a safety device. The integration with Viasat Group has allowed Detector to design and propose new performing services, increasing its business volume and, at the same time, reducing prices in a very competitive sector. The market offers hedging protection solutions to prevent vehicle thefts; none of these, however, is comparable to Detector. Our customers recover stolen vehicles in less than 4 hours, with more than 90% chances of success. Detector technology can track down vehicles even inside a garage / garage and is able to shut down the engine remotely. Our collaboration with 85% of the insurance market and with the main leasing and rental groups is the evidence of Spaniards trust into our Group.

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