Published on July 11, 2018

Drive your fleet, increase your efficiency

By Stéphane Puis, CEO LOCSTER

Locster is a major player in the management of the mobile resources of SMEs and ETIs. Its product offering covers vehicle fleet management, geolocation of equipment and remote management of employees in the field. Locster, French subsidiary of Viasat Group, has just launched early September it’s new version of “Mobile assets” platform. This platform covers assets that are mobile, with no energy and with a minimum unit value or a minimum usage value, has been developed to address 3 types of needs.

• Anti theft to secure assets: “Mobile assets” includes automatic alerts in case, for instance, an asset that shouldn’t move, is moving.

• Localization of assets: “Mobile assets” allows to manage assets among the various areas.

• Data collection of assets: “Mobile assets” is able to gather and transmit data such as temperature, gas or liquid level, number of hours of usage…

Mobile assets is an improvement of the Locster Fleet platform. Locster devices can have an autonomy up to 7 years with no change of batteries according to the chosen configuration. Locster has a proven project management expertise to deploy its technology on all size of assets fleets, from a few units up to more than 10 000 units. Indeed each project is managed by a team of 2 persons, a commercial engineer and a technician. They follow a standardized project management process, the “PMP” ie the Locster “project management process”. Locster is also able to handle pan-european projects in coordination with other Viasat Subsidiaries. Today, thanks to Locster technology, many companies manage their containers, tools, trailers, tanks, pallets, music speakers and many other types of mobile assets!

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