Published on September 22, 2020


The public transport service sector today faces a lot of challenges, including traffic congestion, automobile competition, lengthy trips, very low speeds in the city centers, and ultimately loss of attractiveness of public transport. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are sophisticated innovative solutions for urban traffic management which successfully address such problems and create a safer, cost optimized, sustainable and eco-friendly transport environment for cities. Viasat Technology’s urban traffic management systems can significantly improve the quality of public transport services, improve the public image of municipalities and reduce the public transport operational costs. Viasat’s proven solutions enhance traveler’s experience and lead to greater number of citizens who choose to travel by public transportation. Furthermore, smart and efficient transportation systems improve quality of life through less pollution, less congestions and fewer traffic related accidents. The Public Transport ITS system of Viasat Technology provides automatic vehicle location, real time passenger information and mobile transport guidance. Viasat Technology’s Public Transport ITS system features extensive control center software functionality including operational management, automatic timetable generation, timetable planning, real-time timetable control of public transportation vehicles, automatic vehicle and driver roster generation, and general fleet management for the public transport fleet. The system includes a software platform with open architecture, on-board units, bus-stop informational displays and optional equipment like in-vehicle displays for real time passenger information, passenger counting, monitoring of door opening, public announcement systems, priority for public transport at traffic lights, etc.

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