Published on March 20, 2018

High security

By Nicodemo Magliocca, Operations Manager Viasat S.p.A.

Viasat offers its clients a great variety of services and the Company has decided to entrust to a skilled, qualified team: our Operations Center – H24, 365 days a year – is a real made in Italy jewel. Sophisticated software and skilled operators assure the promptest vehicle monitoring and geolocation service in every possible situation: vehicle or goods theft, burglaries, illness or mechanical failure. Once the information arrives to the Center, rescuers’ actions are immediate thanks to the indications provided by our satellite devices. A big relief for companies, especially in case of vehicle and goods theft. Statistical information prove the effectiveness of satellite devices, pointing out a significant reduction in comparison to the national average, both in absolute and percentage terms: lower risk of thefts and a greater number of recovered vehicles (90% of Viasat’s best device), as well as frequently retrieved stolen goods. This data should encourage law makers to take innovative, courageous initiatives to make satellite devices mandatory for national fleet management.

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