Published on February 4, 2021


By Paolo Ravicchio, Business Unit Insurtech Manager VIASAT

Today, large and small freight transport companies need to increase volumes, reduce costs and their environmental impact and to increase road safety; that is why they need to increase connections and integration. Digital innovation must pervade every area, create added value for business operators, increase the efficiency and quality of services and reduce costs, even in the insurance field. It has already been a few years since Viasat created its Sicuri & Protetti (Safe&Protected) initiative for insurance intermediaries. It represents a new approach to telematics and insurance. Based on Viasat’s satellite infotelematic technology, it provides all-around support through our 24/7 Operations Centre: satellite anti-theft service, breakdown or danger support, automatic alert in the event of an accident, telematic files to certify the accuracy of data (e.g. to contest a fine or accident reconstruction). In short, top safety, protection and support in one go. Even though our business was born for the automotive sector, Viasat Group has also developed a basic fleet management package with the aim of attracting companies with simple management needs for small commercial fleets.
Beyond all the benefits of safety, protection and support, the installation of satellite devices may help companies to implement traditional vehicle risk assessments (which are mainly based on static parameters), with telematic data and information. Proving companies the advantages of fleet vehicles monitoring, virtuous behaviour and driving styles may lead to significant insurance policy discounts. Benefits may extend to third-parties frauds (e.g. , accidents falsely attributed to a vehicle). For some years now, heavy vehicle manufacturers and road haulage companies have engaged in a sort of competition to connect the greatest amount of vehicles. Indeed, numbers are booming in the world of fleets. This race for innovation does not seem to affect small commercial fleets markets, in which no company -with a few exceptions- has been involved. “Sicuri&Protetti” compensates the gap. It was necessary to combine the advantages of telematics and insurance; Viasat has just captured the need.

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