Published on September 3, 2020


The development of Internet of Things technologies for Smart Cities has generated a 3.7 billion euros market; according to expectations, it will have a consistent growth in the upcoming years. Due to its ability to group together such a wide range of technologies, it represents the perfect scenario for companies that willing to innovate and propose new solutions capable of improving mobility in our cities in terms of accessibility and sustainability. The perfect environment for a company like Viasat: our core business is strongly focused on technological solutions and services for Transport & Logistics, Waste Management and Insurtech. Our Smart Connect offer targets end consumers, the retail channel, dealer and car dealer networks, rental and leasing companies and telecommunications with a wide range of assistance, safety, telematics and diagnostics services. Moreover, our Smart City services are aimed at municipalities in support of public local transport, road safety, parking and field management. Collaborations are already underway. Among these, it is worth mentioning ‘Move In’ -an experimental project run by Lombardy Region that allows the circulation of old vehicles in limited traffic areas. Thanks to the installation of on board Black Box –monitoring journeys via satellite connection- Euro 0 and Euro 0,1,2,3 diesel vehicles owners will benefit from an exemption from current restrictions. Specifically, Viasat has signed an agreement with the Region to supply sosCall 2.0 devices providing localization services, safety and speakerphone assistance functions. With reference to road safety, many Local Administrations have already decided to adopt our Viasat Street Control system. Thanks to its highly sensitive camera, it can read up to 100 plates per second and identify vehicles travelling with no insurance -or mechanical overhaul- or subject to other potentially dangerous irregularities. According to recent estimates, approximately 3 million vehicles are circulating with no insurance in Italy, meaning 6.7% of the Italian car fleet. There is a considerable risk for citizens in the event of accidents with uninsured vehicles, since economic compensation would not be possible. Street Control ensures greater officers efficiency and safer roads.

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