Published on October 30, 2018

Keep it simple

By Davide Devietti Goggia, Direzione Auto REALE MUTUA

Italy can boast a number of connected cars since black boxes have been providing the solution to the issue of thefts and insurance frauds. It is now necessary to add value to interconnected services, even if telematics is still perceived as a mere cost-saving, additional service by the majority of consumers. Such an approach is based on a variety of factors that still consider the possibility of receiving an insurance premium discount as the principal driver for the adoption of telematics in the world of motorised vehicles. The sentiment of consumers could vary according to the way that a product can be presented and received but also –if not mainly- be on the basis of the inherent value of the different insurance solutions; it is therefore important that companies could seek to develop new business models that are able to shift paradigms, amplify the idea of service, and maximise the benefits deriving from the use of ultimate technologies and devices. Those new paradigms should encourage drivers awareness towards their driving style (making changes if necessary), as well as their environmental impact or reducing the risk of car accidents and associated costs. The greatest attention should be paid towards the enhancement of a stronger relationship with policyholders: assistance, real time information concerning dangerous routes or other conditions, etc. Data have always represented the core business of insurance companies. It is time to analyze and read the gathered information to transform data into valuable and tailor-made services that put customers at the centre of our business. That’s the goal of “Guida Sicuro” (Drive Safe), a project promoted by ANIA and Viasat Group. The purpose is to provide drivers with real time information on the possible risks of different routes. Traffic, speed limits, environmental and weather conditions, dangerous routes (red points) as well as roads with high likelihood of collision (black point Ania/Viasat) are factors to be taken into consideration. SosCall 2.0®, a Viasat telematics solution, will be provided for free for three years to all the participants. This automatic technology notifies and tracks all those conditions which could affect your driving style through alerts and light signals. The initiative will provide fine-grained information on an individual’s driving style in order to focus on dangerous behaviours. Prevention is better than cure; such a vision has to be adopted in the prevention of dangerous behaviours and road safety more than ever and monitoring and tracking an individual’s driving style could prevent and correct those habits which could compromise the safety of every driver.

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