Published on June 15, 2018

Leaders lead change

By Cati Mocanu, General Manager VIASAT SYSTEMS

Present on the Romanian market since 2001, Viasat Systems is a telematics company offering satellite telematics solutions for fleet management. After a decade-long partnership, in 2015 we became part of Viasat Group, strengthening our presence in the telematics sector and creating new opportunities on the market. As a result of this synergy between local entrepreneurship and global knowledge, we were the first to launch an insurance telematics product on the Romanian market. Using an advanced technology, developed over the last 15 years by Viasat Group Italy, one of the top European companies providing insurance telematics, we adapted the existing product to the specifics of Romanian market joining forces with our partner, insurance provider Groupama. The present product is perfectly serving the interest of both the insurance company and the insured person: it helps the insurance company to filter their customers in order to avoid the clients with high damage risks and it helps the insured person to reduce the cost of the insurance policy if s/he drives carefully the car, being totally aware of his activity and driving style by using a dedicated app for insured drivers. When we have started this project a year ago, in July, addressing our product only to Casco policies, we assumed a pioneering role on the Romanian market. But the results showed us we were on the right track: after the 6 months trial period, we grew progressively from 10 units/month to 80 units/month. Keeping in line with the last results, we expect to arrive by the end of 2018 to 120 units/month in Casco telematics. Inspired by our Casco success, by the end of the year we’ll be ready to implement a whole new service addressing the RCA policies. The first to market always has the advantage. Our pioneering role – driven to keep seeking bigger and better roles, products, and experiences – has helped us reshape the customer expectations across the industry. We are the forerunners on the Romanian insurance telematics market and that’s why we plan to be the number one in terms of active units for many years to come.

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