Published on October 27, 2020


By Monica Di Sante Presidente IPS – I Professionisti della Sicurezza

It is well known that 90% of traffic accidents are due to human failure. The true reasons have: high speed and distracted driving attributable to smartphones, taking drugs or alcohol. However, road users seem to entrust their lives to fate and not to care about how to avoid accidents; they seem to be convinced they cannot change the course of their existence. Roads are ‘democratic’; nobody is safe. In order to pursue national and international accident prevention goals and to encourage the use of technologies that could improve the quality of highway patrol services, IPS – The Security Professionals have involved Viasat Group in their “Let’s stay safe” project. Viasat has provided Local Police officers with its Street Control technology. Devices have been given for free to deter dangerous behaviors, such as vehicles circulating with no insurance or mechanical inspection. Technology has become more and more necessary to fight against widespread illegality!

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