Published on February 17, 2017

MobileFleet: The best answer to your needs

Di Raúl González Rodrigo, CEO MobileFleet

MobileFleet is a platform that allows you to monitor all your mobility activities (involving vehicles, people, machines, etc.), wherever they occur and in real time. Whether you are a private individual, a self-employed worker, the manager of a small and medium-sized enterprise or the manager of a large fleet of vehicles, MobileFleet allows you to keep your vehicles under control and provides you with all the necessary information to improve their performance and efficiency, allowing you to cut unnecessary costs. Continuous innovation and a solid know-how in the field of engineering are the basis of our philosophy, which has always been focused on the development of new operational technologies, able to adapt to the needs of our Clients. We are talking about proprietary solutions, development capabilities (hardware and software) as well as the production and sale of our products at the most competitive market prices. We can manage the entire product cycle, which gives us the advantage of responding to any request quickly and individually. The MobileFleet platform consists of a central unit or AlertPhone, integrated with a GPS locator and a GPRS/GSM module that enables the transmission of the data collected by the onboard device and puts it at the customer’s disposal, through an extremely simple and user friendly web application. There are many available functions: in addition to the position and speed of the vehicle, it is possible to send the driver messages about the mission and check fuel consumption as well as a wide range of information that varies depending on the accessories installed in the vehicle. We are talking about an increasingly advanced vehicle monitoring system that, through the optimal management of this data, allows us to improve the company’s management and operational performance. We are always at our customers’ side, offering integrated, in-house developed solutions capable of supporting the decisionmaking process and making a solid contribution towards the improvement of business results.

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