Published on October 20, 2020


By Giovanni Copioli President of FEDERMOTO

Two-wheelers are becoming more and more popular; not just for passion, but also for smarter transport, travel time and pollution reduction, as well as easier parking. The recent ANCMA (National Motorbike Association) data on new registrations have confirmed an increasing trend for the last six consecutive years. On the other hand, little has been done on the subject of safety: the commitment to set up specific safety measures for bikers does not yet seem to be a priority in the two main urban mobility planning provisions (Urban Mobility Plan and General Urban Traffic Plan). Today, Black Boxes have become popular in the car industry; an indispensable option for drivers eager to optimize the benefits of their insurance policy in terms of security, safety and reductions. Slimbox Moto, a satellite device made in Viasat including the full range of advanced Black Boxes insurance solutions, has been on the market for some years. A GPS and GSM / GPRS device that works as a locator and emergency tool via Viasat appS, allowing all vehicle data to be sent to the Operations Center: speed, route, maneuvres, impacts as well as accurate motorbike / scooter localization in case of emergency. An effective device to track the vehicle in the event of theft (a significant advantage, given the low percentage of recovery of stolen motorcycles), but also to send help in the event of an accident or mechanical failure, resulting in significant discounts on two-wheelers insurance policies.

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