Published on July 18, 2023

Move-In Piemonte. From 15 September restrictions also for Euro 5 diesel vehicles

Driving your car, even if it has traffic restrictions: this is the core of the Move-In Project (Monitoring of Polluting Vehicles). Launched in 2019 by the Lombardy Region, over time the Project has been extended to other Italian regions. From 31 July 2021, Piemonte also joined, introducing restrictions for older vehicles: from euro 0 petrol and euro 0 to euro 4 diesel.  From next 15 September, the restrictions will also extend to Euro 5 diesel vehicles, as established by the regional decision of 30 June 2023.

How Move-In works

Private and companies who own vehicles subject to traffic restrictions and who join the project on a voluntary basis, by installing a satellite device (the Black Box), undertake to respect the kilometre limits assigned on an annual basis, thereby reducing polluting emissions.

Specifically, each vehicle that participates in the service is given a maximum limit of kilometres it can drive annually within the municipalities involved in the initiative. Read more

Viasat (now part of Targa Telematics) is a technology partner of the project in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont. A network of contracted installers in the territory allows the installation of the Black Box to those who wish to join. The positive collaboration between Move-In and Viasat continues to progress in the challenge against polluting emissions.

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