Published on January 21, 2021


By Massimo Getto, Vice President and CFO VIASAT GROUP

Last May, the European Commission presented a 750 billion euro plan with the aim of mitigating the economic shock deriving from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. When I was a boy and the outskirts of my town were still surrounded by countryside, I thought I would become an engineer to build bridges. Today, those words have taken on a symbolic value. A large part of my studies have been dedicated to sustainability: a goal for companies to remain on the market in the long term, planning endless horizons in which the words “to build” and “bridge” represent a powerful symbol. Meanwhile, building is the opposite of destroying. It requires a plan, creativity, effort and passion. The bridge is a concrete expression of unity and diversity, of opposites finally becoming one when recognizing each other. The bridge connects present and future, the moment and the horizon. From this perspective, I fulfilled my childhood dreams. The first part of this article summarizes – in my personal interpretation – the intentions of Europe’s Next Generation plan. Inspiring concepts such as green economy, sustainability, digitalization and culture represent key, exciting factors to lead Europe to excel among continents, playing a preeminent role as a guide and example for all Nations and strengthening the union between economic development and quality of life. Sustainability is a global major concern. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an action program for people, the planet and prosperity, signed in September 2015 by the governments of 193 UN member countries. It is no coincidence that our Group places such ideas at the top of its strategic vision. Our support was given to the birth of the Operate Foundation (“Fondazione Operate”), which combines the themes of circular economy, technology and digital transformation for its own cultural development. The availability of large amounts of data, refined algorithms and adequate computing power to turn such data into information represent the key to push circular economy towards innovative application stages. Italy and Europe will have the extraordinary opportunity to excel. The purpose of our Foundation is to spread culture and create the conditions for a new ecosystem of relationships and awareness. These are the fundamental premises for implementing circular economy projects and improving the quality of life of all citizens. Young Union citizens should keep in mind that sustainability is a cultural matter. This program will give us the opportunity to study, to learn and become better citizens who look at the future with curiosity and optimism. Improving machines, computers or algorithms will optimize their productivity, but improving humans beings will be thousand times better.

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