Published on July 12, 2019


Increasing road safety by reducing the number of vehicles travelling without insurance or in absence of regular inspection. This is the core of the Plate Check project, carried out by the ANIA Foundation in cooperation with the Traffic Police. The initiative was started in December 2018 during a conference in Cagliari; a collaboration protocol has been signed and more than 120 Street Control devices were put at the disposal of the Police department. These tools are able to read up to 100 plates per second and transmit the relating information to a connected device in real time. In addition to insurance coverage, it is possible to check if the vehicle has been subjected to periodic inspection. The project is operational throughout the national territory, giving priority to 29 provinces in which, according to IVASS regulation, there is the highest concentration of accidents. This principle has been followed to verify whether the higher percentage of accident rates was connected to insurance evasion. Other provinces will be checked and verified in the future for greater accuracy.

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