Published on April 29, 2021


Program Autonoleggio and Viasat S.p.A. strengthened the relationship of mutual collaboration and trust established for many years, starting a new important partnership in the safety area. The aim is to promote the Buddy by Viasat device to prevent children from being left in the car. A phenomenon that, over the years, has made many victims among children, falling into despair entire families destroyed by the pain of an involuntary distraction. The facts always follow the same tragic sequence, with a parent forgetting their child in the car. A tragedy that is so often in the national news, amplified by social networks. There is also a scientific explanation called dissociative amnesia, a memory lapse, most often caused by stress or hurry.

DM122/2019, Regulations implementing Article 172 of the New Road Traffic Code, therefore introduced the obligation to install devices to prevent the abandoning of children under the age of 4 in closed vehicles.

Buddy by Viasat complies perfectly with the law. It is the anti abandonment pillow equipped with a Bluetooth device that detects the presence of the child in the car, alerting through acoustic signals on the app of the parent’s smartphone, in case of removal, and also automatically sending an alarm to the Viasat H24 Operations Centre with the GPS coordinates of the car’s position. If the parent or the other programmed contacts do not respond, the operator at the Centre will take charge of the alarm and manage the emergency, activating the emergency services to promptly attend to the scene. Buddy by Viasat is a universal, simple, economic and vehicle-independent device, compatible with all child seats and all cars.

“From the beginning we believed in the Viasat Buddy project and decided to be actively involved in its promotion. Program has been investing in safety of its drivers for years and when we talk about prevention of risks and dangers, we don’t only think about the safety of drivers, but also about the protection of passengers, especially children. Nowadays, in addition to spending a lot of time in the car, we live in a world that runs too fast and we ourselves are subjected to high levels of stress. For this reason, being supported as parents by Buddy’s technology becomes indispensable. What convinced Program to join the project was Buddy’s ability to contact the Viasat Operations Centre, an aspect that differentiates it from other devices,” says Gian Marco Pucci, Program Marketing Office.

“Buddy by Viasat – says Valerio Gridelli, Chief BU Smart Connect of Viasat Group – is a real guardian angel for parents and children. It doesn’t replace adult supervision, but helps and supports them in their control, thanks to the most advanced technology, connectivity and integration, combined with the attention of the operators of our H24 Operations Centre who manage alarms of abandon potential danger. We are very proud that Program, which has always been focused on security issues, has chosen us as its technological partner.”

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