Published on September 29, 2020


Road safety is one of the major concerns for European countries. Such a timeless topic should represent a priority issue for all Member States, at local, regional and national level. For years, Italy has been adopting a number of strategies to reduce the number of accidents and considerable results have already been achieved. However, the number of victims is still too high; this requires a reflection on the reasons why our roads are still potentially dangerous for travellers and about the measures to take to tackle the problem. A precious help comes from technology. Driver assistance systems are now standard equipment for the majority of new generation vehicles. Today, the choice is left to car manufacturers, but the majority of these systems will become mandatory for all new vehicles starting from May 2022. Existing vehicles and those that will be homologated before May 2022 will have an extension of the deadline until May 2024. It is undeniable that technology has a positive impact on traffic safety, correcting or assisting drivers behaviours and preventing dangerous situations. Viasat Group is a top player in the industry of safety: the leading Group that first invested in design and production of info-telematic systems in Italy. Our Operations Centre is the engine, strength and voice of our company. Two million phone calls per year require short reaction time, quality procedures, professional operators (150 in Italy) and the capability to keep the customer at the centre. Thanks to GPS signal and GSM / GPRS communication, Viasat Operations Centre can track the device, identify people and vehicles in every area and instantly call for help in the event of an accident, theft, robbery, panic, medical / mechanical emergency. Emergency management means to carry out a series of actions aimed at containing people or good damage, as well as bringing the situation back to normal as quickly as possible. Viasat Operations Center is a top player in emergency services. You will never be alone again, Viasat will always be with you!

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