Published on September 10, 2020


Today, it is pretty clear that the market does not seem to understand the importance of combining innovative insurance products – such as safety, protection and assistance – with the world of telematics. In general, insurance policies offers are only focused on price reductions. The partnership among Zurich Agents Group (GAZ), Allianz Agents Association (AAA) and Viasat aims at filling this gap by offering customized telematic offer to their customers. This means, therefore, to combine car insurance policies with a set of technological solutions guaranteed by Sicuri & Protetti), a Viasat initiative dedicated to the world of intermediaries. If the purpose of intermediaries is to protect customers against any kind of risk, telematics is definitely fit for that role. The services range goes from the detection of accidents and prompt intervention through 24/7 Operations Centre, to data management, routes and accident dynamics to protect customers from frauds.

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