Published on February 1, 2023

Trucking, Industry 4.0: incentives for technological and digital transformation extended until 2025

To support and provide incentives to companies that invest in new material and immaterial equipment used in the technological and digital transformation of production processes for production facilities located in the State territory. With this objective, the government makes available the tax credit tool for investments in capital goods 4.0 (tangible and intangible) Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy ( The measure has been extended until December 31, 2025.

Below is the schedule provided by the MISE with the planned rates and related annuals:

  • Technologically advanced tangible capital goods
  • Technologically advanced intangible capital goods functional to 4.0 transformation processes
  • Other tangible capital goods (former Super Depreciation)
  • Other intangible capital goods

Supporting the Italian transport and logistics world in the digital transition is an asset in terms of cost-effectiveness, development, and, above all, increased competitiveness. It is no coincidence that connectivity and the digitalization of processes are some of the fundamental elements on which Viasat Group‘s global offer is based. “Specifically for the fleet market,” commented Gianni Barzaghi, CEO of Business Unit Fleet Italia of Viasat, “these two elements represent an essential factor in Viasat solutions to bring innovation and efficiency to the market.

Regarding this, in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Center – CTT 4.0 CRSLaghi, we support companies with fleets in the design and implementation phase of technological solutions from a 4.0 perspective, as well as in the following steps: drafting of scientific report to support the project, validation of documentation aimed at obtaining tax benefits.”

It should be pointed out that Viasat’s systems fully meet the criteria required by regulations to access Industry 4.0 benefits and, at the same time, offer a wide range of useful services to digitize business processes.. From tracking trucks, vans, operating machines, and vehicles in general to remotely managing logistics, planning daily activities, fleet maintenance, and advanced fuel consumption monitoring.

Accelerate your company’s digital transition with Viasat!

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