Published on February 17, 2017

ViaFleet Enterprise, the Portuguese footprint in fleet management

By Patrìcia Cristo, CEO Blusat Serviços Telemáticos

To provide the logistics industry with innovative tools to facilitate and improve the interoperability and intermodality of transport, optimize the efficiency of the network and minimize its environmental impact. This is Blusat Serviços Telemáticos’s challenge: one that materializes into an evolved ability to design, manufacture and market security and telematics protection systems and services, using the satellite technologies of the Viasat Group. Hence ViaFleet Enterprise, an indispensable solution to manage all the operational aspects of a vehicle fleet in a simple and effective way, and thus a perfect fit for the needs of small and large road transport companies on the Portuguese market. Not only does ViaFleet Enterprise make it possible to monitor the vehicles, so as to optimize missions and intervene in case of anomalies or unexpected events – it also allows, through the analysis of various indicators, to intervene on the driver’s driving style with obvious positive effects on fuel consumption and, consequently, on CO2 emissions as well as brake, tire and engine wear. In addition, let us not forget the digital tachograph-related services, which can help companies streamline remote data download procedures. The information is made available in real time and helps improve the management of drivers’ driving times and rest periods with clear advantages in terms of operational efficiency and sanction reduction. Our goal is to provide our customers with advanced tools to support decision-making, always striving to improve our QoS, also in terms of proposal diversification and creativity. We don’t just want to present a line of products or services to our customers and be content with being considered one of the many options on the market. We want to help them, becoming their advisors and partners. This will allow us to simplify and manage the empowerment and decision-making process, dynamize operational choices, increasing efficiency and improving the day-to-day management of mobile assets.

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