Published on November 3, 2021


The Consultation nr. 72/2021/R/rif of the 23rd of February from the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), related to the first guidelines for regulating the quality of municipality waste management service continues with the update strategy which has already been implemented with the introduction of resolutions nr 443/2019 and 444/2019. The document clearly highlights the will to protect consumers through management and measurement of services and ensure quality, quantity and process transparency. Improving waste management processes, treatment and disposal services, harmonizing the Country’s conditions, as well as guaranteeing transparency to all users and all levels: these are the basic principles of these new rules. Such innovations have encouraged us to enrich the WMS platform – designed to support the management of the entire environmental chain – with WMS ARERA solutions dedicated to real time service measurement and monitoring, as well as all the elements provided for resolutions and guidelines of the consultation of service quality, aimed at respecting the Charter of Services that every municipality must provide together with transparent data communication. Among the main functions – made available to managers to meet all quality, quantity and efficiency standards of each indicator – we find transparent data communication, the creation of performance indicator for each service (KPI), the definition of minimum service levels (SLA), the development of functional real time dashboards. An hybrid, unique erp/IOT system that allows to cover the entire supply chain, up to the “Punctual Rate” management, which has been developed from the latest technologies and cloud services to which we have become partners, supported by Viasat quality. A model that can easily replied internationally, thanks to the Group capillary presence all over Europe through its own partners and sellers.

Luca Moretti, CEO GreeNext (Viasat Group)

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