Published on July 17, 2019


Today, telematics plays a central role in the insurance market but it is still connected to the mere advantages in terms of discounts and anti-fraud measures which represent a great interest for Companies. The opportunities offered by those useful and value-added services that these technologies could provide for policyholders and their families – personal safety and other benefits- often take second place. Our offer, “Sicuri & Protetti”, provides a range of advanced technological solutions for assistance, protection and safety thanks to our Viasat Operation Centre 24/7; insurance intermediaries can have the opportunity to propose our additional services to their customers, regardless of the car policy. Our range of ‘Sicuri&Protetti’ products, based on the ultimate Viasat technologies, guarantees high standards of assistance to drivers; satellite anti-theft device, assistance in case of mechanical failure or danger, automatic alarms in the event of an accident, telematic dossiers to certify the accuracy of those acquired data that can be particularly useful in case of fine contestation or to track accidents backwards. Top security standards and cost-saving measures in one solution, as well as the opportunity to choose the best satellite device for each customer. Customers can benefit from the advantages of our ‘Sicuri&Protetti’ offer even in case of switch to other insurance Companies and maintain our device, as provided by Italian ‘Legge Concorrenza’ (Competition Law Provision) of August the 4th, 2017, nr. 124. Viasat can also provides innovative solutions for motorcycles and bikes. Our idea is to extend our offers to areas that are not strictly connected to the world of automotive, such as home automation and personal service as the so-called ‘wearable devices’

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