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Sustainable Development

The Group has understood the paradigm shift, which sees the transition from a linear economy (I produce, consume, and finally throw away what is consumed), to a circular model (I produce, consume, and finally reuse the final output of the process as input for a new cycle), trying to offer its contribution to promote the concept of sustainable development of businesses with zero environmental impact. In this regard, of note is the Group’s commitment as a founding member of Operate Foundation, created in October 2019 and previously operating as a National Observatory on Waste Measurement and Pricing issues, in support of Bodies and Institutions. Among its main aims, the Foundation promotes circular economy and environmental sustainability goals. Consisting of a group of experts and professionals specialized in different fields (Legal/Legislative, Regulatory and Tax, Administrative, Economic/ Financial, Technical Design, Technical Organisation, Information Technology, Pricing, and Communication), it supports national and European institutions, authorities, local bodies, and operators.

Specifically, through research, study, training, information, and sector-related communication, it seeks to disseminate the best results, good practices, and technologies currently available and so promote sustainable waste cycle management and foster the transition to a circular economy.

As part of the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Circular Economy, an action linked to circular economy incentives was identified aimed at creating a Toolkit as a guideline for Pay As You Throw (PAYT) application in European cities.

The Operate Foundation provided its experts for the implementation of the Toolkit, presented to the European Parliament on 9 October 2019, during the hearing organized by the municipality of Prato “Strategie 2030 per città più circolari” (2030 Strategies for increasingly circular cities). The Toolkit was also discussed in Bilbao with leading technicians and environmental experts in the world during the ISWA International Congress (7-9 October 2019).

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