Press releases

Viasat and Zurich Italia together for safer driving

Specifically, Viasat customers who choose one of the three Sicuri & Protetti packages (Basic, Safety or Security) can insure their vehicle at an advantageous price with the ZuriGò solution, which includes the mandatory automobile third party liability cover with a 10% discount, optional theft cover with a 60% discount, protection against driver accidents with a 50% discount, as well as fire and legal protection coverage.

Viasat RunTracker 6.X obtains EASA Certification

Satellite telematics is certainly a precious ally in the management of private aircraft and fleets of Flight Schools or Aero Clubs, which also meets the traffic safety requirements of General Aviation (AG) and light aircraft (ULM). In this sense, it is no surprise that the Viasat RunTracker 6.X has obtained the Certificate/Approval Minor Change from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

VIASAT GROUP: confirms continuity with its history 

"With regard to the rumors released in the press in recent months, we inform you that, at present, no extraordinary operation is planned on the capital of the Viasat Group". This was stated by the shareholders of Viasat Group, through Marco Petrone, CEO of the family's holding company Exefin.

VEM SOLUTIONS: concluded the merger by incorporation of Cogema

The Viasat Group company aims to become an international hub in engineering and electronics manufacturing with Governance and strong roots in Italy.


Viasat Group S.p.A. and Axodel, the commercial subsidiary of the French group Kuantic, announce an international partnership agreement that will extend both organizations range of products and services, expanding their offering in the crash/theft and Car Sharing / Fleet sectors.

Viasat technological partner of Alphabet Italia 

Viasat, European excellence in satellite IoT security systems, and Alphabet Italia Fleet Management, the BMW Group’s mobility services provider, have signed a partnership agreement to offer a fleet management solution with a particular focus on the control of the activities, service status, maintenance and assistance of each vehicle.


In Italy, car thefts are slightly reduced, but when they are stolen, more than half of their traces are lost. The emergency remains strong especially in some regions of the Center-South and the small and medium-sized models are the most "popular". How do you defend yourself? With satellite technology, the only one capable of fighting increasingly fierce and unscrupulous gangs. These are the main “highlights” that emerge from Viasat's research.

The VIASAT research in 2020: heavy truck thefts in Italy 

The figure is more than positive and clearly against the trend. In 2019, the thefts of heavy vehicles in Italy were 1,429 against over 3,000 in 2018, with a reduction of 42.3% on the annual figure. On the vehicles recovery side, we remain more or less on the same levels as the previous year. How to defend yourself? With technology. These are the main issues that emerge from the recent Viasat Group Fleet 2020 Dossier.

Private ECALL: VIASAT - Pioneering safety with the help of automatic emergency calls in case of accident

The renewal of the agreement between AREU (Agenzia Regionale Emergenza Urgenza, Regional Emergency Agency) and TSP Association, a member organization of Confindustria Digitale, of which Viasat Group is one of the founders. The agreement regulates the access to the emergency call services provided by the Single Response Center NUE 112 by Third Party Service Providers (TPSP).


On December 27 came the approval to the merger by incorporation into Viasat S.p.A. of Abruzzo-based company Helian.  The company was acquired by the Viasat Group in April 2018, and specializes in hardware and software solutions for road safety and traffic, as well as systems dedicated to territorial and environmental monitoring via Wireless Sensor Network. This operation aims to expand Viasat's offer with innovative and vertical solutions, in Italy and abroad, within the Smart Cities and Public Administration market.