How to raise the bar on data quality

With the growth of digitally connected vehicles, the market is set to change its dynamics. Interview with Mario Bellotti, business development manager at VEM Solutions.

EU recoveries with Viasat

When a car is stolen, there are several options: if thieves take the car out of the country, recovery can be complicated and an international protocol for vehicle recovery needs to be activated.

PatrolBike: the new GPS tracker for bicycles

PatrolBike is a self-powered GPS tracker to protect electric and muscle bikes from thieves: a real invisible anti-theft device.

Turin, the turning point

A portrait of Turin: the Top 500 from the PwC ranking. Viasat Group is also one of the champion companies.

Viasat, tailor-made solutions to provide companies with a complete platform of increasingly smart services

“Viasat – says Valerio Gridelli, Head of BU Smart Connect Viasat – through the new Viasat Digital Connect now provides fleet managers with a web platform for monitoring the status of the fleet that allows them to promptly attend to the emergence of anomalies or breakdowns, thus containing the costs of extraordinary maintenance and remote diagnostics for predictive maintenance”.

Viasat Group : think global, act local 

By Domenico Petrone Founder of Viasat Group S.p.A.

Viasat Group confirms the tradition of Italian entrepreneurship

The strategy remains the same: to grow through internal capabilities, developing and diversifying the business in all geographical markets.

Turin nominated as capital of artificial intelligence thanks to the Archdiocese

Viasat Group is among the first to support the project.

Viasat Group, excellence is in our DNA 

Technological innovation and sustainability in a ‘glocal’ key.