Vision, Mission & Values

We believe that...

We believe that technology can change the lives of people and companies for the better.

We believe that data complexity can be managed simply.

We believe that people’s passion, talent, and creativity are the first element of innovation.

We believe that a dream remains a dream until you decide to make it come true.

Life-enhancing solutions

Our mission is to look to a sustainable future, thanks to a technology capable of translating data into knowledge and helping our customers achieve ever more ambitious goals.

Ethical Values

The Viasat Group pays the same attention to ethical
qualities and values, as it does to technical and professional ones.

All the employees and managers of the group, from executives to workers, know and share the same positive attitude with which the company’s daily working activities take place.

The Viasat Group is a reality in which each problem is always seen as an opportunity to overcome obstacles with commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication.

The value of a company is determined by its people. For this reason, the Group relies on the loyalty of its human resources, some of which have been with us for many years. We appreciate their professional qualities, but also their ability to pass onto the newly hired resources a wealth of values that represent our best guarantee of continuity.

Good values go along the way

Whenever the Group is faced with a new challenge, a great commitment is made to carry out development activities with innovative operational plans to materialize all possible improvements on a material level. This kind of philosophy is also applied in the sharing, present within the various Bodies of the Group, of the knowledge and experiences achieved even individually.

Finally, we want to emphasize that our research activity is not aimed exclusively at technological efficiency: our intent is at the same time aimed at developing products and services that are pleasant and satisfying to the eye, in terms of originality and beauty. For this reason, too, the Group’s foundations are based on the loyalty of its human resources, some of which have been present in our company for many years and whose professional qualities are appreciated, but also the ability to pass on this wealth of knowledge to new hires. values which, as mentioned, represent our best guarantee of continuity in the years to come.

Ethical Principles

These ethical principles are at the core of the philosophy of the Group and of the people who are part of it:

The real problem is never the problem itself, but how and the speed with which it is faced. everyone is committed to overcoming every obstacle with a positive spirit, enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence.

Commitment to developing new ideas and products, to searching for new markets and new customers, to continuously improving the quality of the operational and management process, to taking part with conviction in a rapid professional and technological growth in the context of one’s own core business.

Commitment to carrying out development activities with innovative operational plans, to materialize all the improvements that can be acquired through the principle of learning.

Commitment to sharing one’s knowledge and experience with the other members of the team, turning it into collective value.

Commitment to always pursuing truth, avoiding allocating time and resources chasing illusory realities, manipulated and tampered with by charlatans and adventurers.

Commitment to pursuing what is right, rejecting lies, slander, and envy; recognizing the abilities and worth of others, promoting their recognition and appreciation.

Commitment to developing products and services that are not only qualitatively useful but also pleasing to the eye in terms of originality and beauty.

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