Press review

Private eCall successfully completes trial in Italy

Private eCall passes trial and becomes operational in Italy: we explain how it works and the future of aftermarket eCall. Discussed by Sergio Tusa (TSP Association) and Marco Annoni (VEM Solutions, Viasat Group).

Viasat Group innovation starts here

Designing, developing and manufacturing telematic devices and smart sensors equipped with IoT technologies, telematic platforms and services for the B2B/ B2B2C world and apps for smartphones and tablets for Viasat Group companies and third party customers, this is in brief the mission of VEM Solutions, an Italian company wholly owned by the Viasat Group.

Ambiente in Cloud, the first environmental platform for small and medium enterprises.

Ambiente in Cloud comes, a Cloud native platform dedicated to manufacturers, transporters, plants and intermediaries for industrial waste management

Viasat forest is born in Madagascar

Petrone: "We are conscious of how technological development can help to reduce the environmental impact of production activities and the marketing of our solutions and services, but to achieve this, innovation must be well directed, with sustainability as the main objective.

Everything starts with dreams. Interview with Domenico Petrone, Viasat President

In the section THE PROTAGONISTS, a long interview with Domenico Petrone who talks about his entrepreneurial adventure from the beginning to the present day.

The theft of heavy vehicles increased by 112%

In 2018 the percentage of thefts involving trucks grew throughout Italy (interview with Gianni Barzaghi, Head of BU Fleet, Viasat SpA).

Cloud and IoT, so the insurance business model changes

During the  Digital360 Awards, the Viasat Group presentend the new technologies implemented with its technological partner Wiit in order to offer its customers innovative services in the Insurtech area.

Mettaimoci in sicurezza, a campaign on legality and road safety with Viasat

Street Control: the technology available to Local Police for greater safety on the roads.

Wiit: partnership signed to innovate Viasat's IoT and AI services platform

The huge amount of data and the most critical processing platforms, which are also growing fast for the companies acquired by Viasat, will be hosted in Tier IV data centres and protected by some of Wiit's Cyber Security solutions.

Domenico Petrone. Dreams travel fast (with GPS)

The amazing journey that led to the foundation of the Viasat Group.

Rimini. Big Data and Metromare analyse trade fair traffic flows

Vem Solutions (of the Viasat Group) at the Fiera di Rimini during the meeting of TTS Italia member companies.