Press review

Hardware platforms and applications: the Viasat case

Italian excellence is not always known or ignored.

Urban Agenda for EU, Circular Economy and PAYT (Pay as you throw). Waste Management from the point of view of Viasat

The range of products and services presented at Ecomondo 2018 combines three excellent technological know-how, those of Viasat, Anthea and Datamove - all companies in the Viasat Group - which stand as partners and single point of contact for customers to support all phases of complex projects, enabling companies, administrations and institutions to better manage the challenges of Metering, PAYT and Environmental Management towards the Circular Economy.

The new frontier is the global market

Interview with V. Gridelli AD Viasat S.p.A. "For Viasat the code word is diversification looking for new business and distribution channels"

«Piemonte points on Elite. So the stranger is not scary '

Among the top companies in the Piemonte region also stands Viasat.

What are big data and how they are used in the automotive industry

Among the strengths of Viasat there  is the management of Big Data thanks to an experience in the LBS market

Cargo Crime -Did you know that. Truck theft in Italy

How, where, when. How much to know about  trucks thefts  in Italy.

Anti-theft satellite and black box as Viasat stands in telematics

Viasat's mission is to design, implement and disseminate  security, protection and assistance systems and services, through of satellite technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The leitmotif of all is the glocal approach, which is global thinking to act locally. So no delocalization.

Connected Mobility Forum 2018: it's mobility 4.0 time!  

Connected cars, autonomous and electric cars: the Connected Mobility Forum 2018 has put all the new frontiers of the four wheels universe under the spotlight. Marco Annoni (Vem Solutions CEO) spoke for Viasat Group.

Anti-theft and "digital" insurance: it is a Tim-Viasat alliance on automotive 4.0

The network of over 200 4G retail stores will distribute advanced satellite tracking systems for cars and motorcycles. It starts from SlimBox. Valerio Gridelli: "Thanks to this collaboration, we are returning to the retail market".

4G Retail (Tim) in partnership with Viasat  

Automotive 4.0 Solution in 4G Retail Stores; among these Viasat's solutions Slimbox Moto&Auto

Siunet: towards the waste tax.

Between Waste Management and Green Economy.