Vem Solutions S.p.A.

Vem Solutions S.p.A is the company with 3 sites in Italy in charge of  R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing within the Viasat Group.

Its purpose is to create and develop and produce smart telematics devices and sensors with IoT technologies, platforms and telematic services for the B2B world and apps for smartphones and tablets. The company offers effective and innovative solutions both for the companies of the Group and for third parties, with a significant positioning on the reference market. For many years Vem Solutions has been putting its own experience to use achieving positive results, in strict compliance with quality certification standards (including those of the automotive and aerospace sectors).

Vem Solutions can display a valued blend consolidated network of partnerships with universities and research centres, it holds both UNI EN 9001:2015 and IATF. Starting from 2016 is a full member (like Viasat Group) of ETSI (WORLD CLASS STANDARDS), the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Field of competence

Big Data Management

IoT Solutions

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The Netherlands


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Vem Solutions S.p.A.

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